3 amazing wallpaper apps

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For lovers of personalizing your phone, today I will show you three applications of unbelievable wallpapers and that according to my opinion are the best three.

All three applications will be completely free in the Google Play Store so that everyone can download them directly from the official store.

Then my Top 3

Material Islands:

It is a spectacular application since it handles a minimalist style, it is also optimized to offer a low consumption of our phone resources, this application has an option that with the passing of the day the style of our phone is changing.

It weighs less than 8 MB and you can download it directly from the Google Play Store or by clicking here.


It is an application that you will undoubtedly love, since it has a wide repertoire of designs, you will find everything you want, it has more than 1,200,000 wallpapers that are endowed by a large number of photographers worldwide.

This application updates its wallpapers daily providing us with a great variety, you can download it from here.

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To finish this top 3 of wallpaper applications I bring you the application which is my favorite. An application which is based on 3D live images, real-time animations, which on OLED screens will make it look amazing.

Its large amount of dark backgrounds with many colors make the battery consumption of your phone is minimal, the truth is an application that you have to try yes or yes.

Download this application from the Google Play Store or from this link.

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