Eight extensions of Google Chrome that will facilitate your digital life

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There are numerous programs and applications that allow you to execute different tasks from the computer without the need to download and install specialized software.
Google Chrome is full of advantages. From browsing in incognito mode, synchronizing accounts to manage extensions and bookmarks, to a task manager to know exactly what resources we are consuming on certain pages.

However, the Google browser also has a store that integrates hundreds of extensions or applications that allow you to execute very specific tasks when browsing. Then, some of the best, which will surely facilitate your digital life in a few minutes.

1. Night eye:

This application is ideal for those who spend many hours in front of the computer and want to take care of their vision. Night Eye enables night mode by adding a dark background to any website through a new algorithm that analyzes and converts colors.

The extension allows you to quickly change the three available modes. Dark, in which all colors, images and small icons will modify their color to give you the most pleasant dark experience possible; filtered, in which the colors of the websites are maintained but with the option to adjust the brightness, contrast, intensity and more; and normal, in which you can return to the normal browsing experience.

2. Netflix Party:

It is the perfect extension for a movie night or series marathon with someone who is far away. With this tool, you and your friends will be able to view contents of this platform in a synchronized way and, in addition, chat with them through a side window.

3. J2 Team:

It is specially designed to protect users from fraudulent pages when browsing. It offers real-time protection from attacks such as phishing, malware, hidden buttons, phishing, among others.

Additionally, it offers a series of features aimed at keeping privacy such as avoiding social media tracking and hiding activity. With this extension you can block the ’seen’ of Facebook and Instagram stories, as well as the chat writing indicator and comments.

4. Read Aloud:

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You can become the ideal virtual assistant for the times when you need to work on several things at once. The extension is designed to read any text aloud.

To use it, it is necessary to select the text and then right click to select the reading option. In the extension settings, you can choose the reading language (Spanish or automatic) and speed.

It also has very interesting additional functions such as reading with different speakers, more than 45 languages, customize the tone, volume and reading speed.

5. MailTag

It is a tool that promises to have a better experience in Gmail. With this extension, you can track an email to, for example, know when a recipient opened your message or when they clicked on the link you sent. You can even enable desktop alerts to be notified in real time.

In addition, you can schedule emails to be sent automatically at the date and time you choose.

6. The Great Suspender:

When you leave many windows open when navigating, the computer’s RAM is hoarded. With this extension, you can hibernate windows that you are not using, to optimize navigation and prevent tasks from slowing down.

By the time you activate The Great Suspend, the tabs will remain visible and accessible, but the processes in them will be frozen. However, when you want to access the content again, you will simply have to reload the page.

7. Unspoiler

If you have headaches with spoilers on the internet, an extension of Google Chrome will help you by alerting you, through a red label, of websites that may contain information you do not want to see when searching

In Unspoiler you can set keywords such as ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘GOT’, ‘Stark’ or ‘HBO’, or of the series of your preference, so that the extension notifies you if the website you are going to visit includes any from those terms.

8. BlockSite:

A very useful extension if you get distracted easily or fall into constant procrastination when working or studying.

The tool allows you to block all sites that you think may cause distractions. You define the time you want the block to last. And, in case you try to enter one of those websites, BlockSite will send you a notification via funny memes to remind you not to enter.

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