Facebook is testing the dark mode for its interface

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The social network joins the trend, already present on sites such as Twitter and YouTube.

According to researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who used to unveil the future updates of apps and websites with reverse code, in a future update of the mobile version of Facebook you can find the dark mode.

“I found this unprecedented dark mode in the Facebook mobile application for Android by looking at the code below, which indicates that Facebook recently began to implement the long-awaited Dark Mode in its mobile application,” reads the blog post from Manchun.

At the moment the social network has not pronounced nor are more details known about when or how the function would arrive.

The researcher indicated that the dark mode seems to be at an early stage of development, because for now only certain parts of the application have been modified. Among them, the dark text shown on a dark background, vice versa.

With a mobile application of this scale, it could take time to refine the dark mode,” Manchun explains in his post.

This year, at its developer event, F8, Facebook launched its latest interface. Called “FB5”, the new design is almost completely white and offers a “simplified” aspect with which the social network tries to facilitate its navigation.

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Also, other companies such as Twitter or Google with YouTube and Gmail have released versions of their platforms for web and mobile devices with the dark mode feature.

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