How to convert WhatsApp voice notes to text on iOS and Android?

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With this free application you can receive written audio content from your cell phone.

Voice memos are one of the formats that facilitate communication through the popular WhatsApp messaging application, which currently has 1.5 billion users worldwide.

However, it is often the case that one of our contacts sends an urgent message with a voice note at an inconvenient time. With the VoicePop application, available for iOS and Android operating systems, you can record the audio of a voice memo regardless of the language in which it is and view the content of a message to respond.

First go to the mobile app store and download VoicePop. After opening the application and making sure that it has run correctly on the phone, go to WhatsApp and open a message with a voice memo.

Select the voice memo you want to convert to text and choose the “share” option. Send it to the VoicePop application and choose the language in which the voice memo is. The translator will start transcribing and show you the level of accuracy with which the conversion was achieved.

You can also send an audio that you have on your cell phone to your WhatsApp if you need to record another file that is not like a voice memo. Note that the application only allows you to convert two minutes of audio.


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