How to have WhatsApp Dark Mode

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Today I am bringing the latest WhatsApp update with dark mode, the applications with dark mode are trending, I already officially apply to messenger, to date for whatsapp it is not officially but if we can install a mod that comes with the dark mode To be able to apply that great look to our application, we hope that it can be seen officially, in the meantime you can enjoy it the way I showed you in the video, it is really incredible, and best of all, it is very easy to install .

The history of the dark mode: Apple’s operating system 7 in 1991 was one of the first operating systems to offer a darker display alternative. Windows 95 later boasted a high contrast lever, effectively doing the same. The Windows XP of 2001 went further by presenting multiple high-contrast themes and the option to change the color of the user interface. Advance a few years and dark mode is an increasingly popular option, with YouTube and MacOS 10.14 Apple Mojave among those who follow the trend.

The Dark Mode brings many benefits as much as battery saving as for our eyes, that is why I bring you the way that we can put this mode in our WhatsApp in a very simple way, we will need two complements the first one is the WhatsApp APK «Yo-Whatsapp» and the second is the Theme all this will be below so you can download them completely free and without shortening.

The process is very simple, we will have to create a backup copy in our whatsapp application and then restore all the data completely, then we will install the common apk, and finally we will have to install the theme that I have left them too, with This will have everything completed and our whatsapp will begin to look with its dark appearance and in addition to that with a renewed and exclusive system, I delo the video so you can guide you step by step of the process.

Applications Needed:

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