Make your cell phone a video editing console

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Options for Android and iOS systems will allow you to add effects with very good results.

From a TBT to remember a special date on your social networks to a marketing strategy for your business, video content is one of the most important formats in the digital world. According to Cisco figures, it is estimated that 75 percent of internet traffic this year will correspond to videos.

The following are four options to edit videos from your ‘smartphone’. These are simple and flexible options, all with free versions, that allow you to cut, increase the brightness of an image or put a background song in a clip from your cell phone.

Options for Android:


This app offers effects and animations oriented to social networks, from photo frames to movement transitions. You only have to select from the gallery the elements you want and choose between several musical genres, according to moods.

The application will allow you to modify the duration of the track, add filters or add sources. A useful fact: does not include watermark. At most, you can add 200 photos or clips per movie created, which when exported is automatically saved in the gallery or can be linked to social networks for publication.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

Although the full app is paid, Premiere has a free version – if limited – that offers high quality results. It allows you to trim clips, duplicate or divide them. Also graduate your exposure, highlights and shadows, and change your speed. In addition, it has an option that adjusts the volume intelligently.

A novelty is that the app, from the creators of the Adobe suite, offers the possibility of saving in a gallery or storing in Creative Cloud to send its edition from the mobile to the Premiere Pro CC program on your computer, which will allow you perfect the video later. Available on Android and iOS.

iOS options:


Splice distinguishes itself from other applications by offering a simple interface, with predetermined transition effects that offer the user the ability to generate clean editing videos as a ‘stop motion’.

Although there are no more editions on a clip beyond trimming its duration (you can not adjust features such as brightness or color), this application will allow you to add several tracks simultaneously, from default music or iTunes, or Even record your own audio. It has no watermark and allows export in four formats (230p, 540p, 720p and 1080p).


If you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user (sixth generation), this application will help you to accelerate, trim, divide and duplicate video at will, although it can be a bit complicated to find the exact second to make a cut.

Unlike other options, iMovie allows you to add color filters to videos and use templates for trailers and movies. Being designed for Apple ecosystems, it allows you to easily share the project by AirDrop and iCloud to continue editing on other devices before exporting the project. Of course, it requires iOS version 11.2 onwards.

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