Silent messages arrive on Telegram

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The application published its new updated version with a ‘lent mode’ with which it is possible to establish in the groups a time interval for each member to send new messages

Telegram, through its official blog, explained the new features that come with its recent update, among which it is worth noting that it can send silent messages to other users even if they have not put their cell phone without sound. It allows you to write messages when you know that the recipients are sleeping, studying or in a meeting.

To send a silent message, you have to click on the option ‘send without sound’ that will appear by pressing for a long time on the send button. The other person will receive the notification, but will not emit any sound, even if the option of ‘do not disturb’ is not activated. This also works in groups.

The application also presents its new ‘slow mode’ for groups in which the administrator can establish how much time must pass until each member of the group can send a new message, in cases where a more orderly operation is sought.

The user can see how long he has to wait to send his new message in the bar where the messages are written. These intervals can be 30 seconds, 1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes or up to one hour.

As for the videos, they can now be sent from the point where you want the other user to see them. For example, if you want to see it after 1:05, the person who receives the message will have to click on the weather and can watch the video from that point.

In addition, from Telegram they claim that it also works if a ‘timestamp’ is mentioned when responding to a video. The other user will appear as a link automatically and can access it from the point indicated by its issuer.

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In relation to this, a new function is also included that allows you to see thumbnails of what appears in each part of the video to find the part you want to see, as it happens with YouTube videos.

On the other hand, the new animated ’emojis’ that appear when you write a simple emoticon such as a heart, a hand with the thumb up, the face of unbeliever, ashamed or celebratory are presented.

A series of animated emoticons that can be played in a loop or only once will be displayed on the message bar. To activate or deactivate this option, you must access the sticker settings.

Another novelty for the groups is that the administrators will be able to modify their name of ‘administrator’ and put whatever they want, as ‘the queen of the meme’, as exemplified in the statement. The name can be changed in the group settings, in the rights of the administrators, and will appear next to the real name every time a message is sent.

In addition, in Android the menu to send photos or videos has increased in size and allows you to see the entire gallery of the phone by sliding up. For its part, to access other options such as locations, surveys and music, you can swipe left and right and click on the option ‘…’ that shows the possibility of sending compressed documents.

On the other hand, now iOS users can change the colors of their night mode that until now could only be blue or black.

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